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TCN-D720-10C (V22) + 10R

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Model: TCN-D720-10C (V22) + 10R
Outer Dimensions: H-1940mm x W-2210mm x D-795mm
Weight (kg): 550kgs
Standard: 120 slots (12 layers x 10 slots)
Storage Capacity: About 300-1600 units (As sizes of Products Vary )
Screen: 21.5 inch touch screen
Cooling Function: Compressor refrigeration, 4-25°C (Adjustable)
Voltage: AC100V/240V, 60Hz/50Hz
Online Monitoring: Use Sim Card 2G/3G/4G to get internet
Plug: According to the standard of your country
Feature: Advanced drop sensor, Delivery type of the goods drop, Double tempered glass with heating function no fog safety
Product: Beverage, Snack, ETC..

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