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ICT XBAmini Bill Acceptor

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The XBA-mini Bill Acceptor equips with innovative wide-angle banknote insertion technology to offer superior acceptance rate of 98% or higher. With the outstanding design, the XBA-mini has the ability to provide very high degree of immunity to strong ambient light, and the advanced optical/ mechanical anti-fishing structure for better investment protection. The built-in USB port allows firmware upgrades via USB flash drive conveniently.

  • Unique wide-angle banknote insertion technology
  • High immunity against strong ambient light
  • Advanced optical/mechanical anti-fishing structure
  • Firmware via USB, MDB-FTL, TTL-Serial
  • Auto-calibration technology and multi-color optical sensor
  • Superior validation M.T.B.F. 300,000 cycles
  • Strong resistance to severe weather conditions
  • Improved water draining system
  • Equipped with flip-up metal cash box

  • Bank
  • Supermarket
  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • Park
  • Zoo
  • Scenic area
  • Pharmacy
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Subway station
  • School

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